Northern Lights Rental Shop

At Titcomb Mountain

Our rental program at Titcomb Mountain runs throughout the winter and offers knowledgeable service and current equipment for most any skier.  For more information on rentals, head over to Titcomb's website at

Alpine Skis

Alpine skiing in Western Maine has a long and robust tradition.  We are pleased to offer Alpine skis for all sizes and abilities.  Our full-service shop is able to provide binding mounting, ski tuning, and stone grinding to keep your skis sliding for several seasons.  We stand behind our equipment and service, and if we don't have what you're looking for we are committed to working with you to get what you want.

Cross Country Skis

Cross country skiing is a single term that envelops several different specialties.  You can look like the dude in the photo above and choose skate skiing, you could trek into the backcountry on a pair of touring skis, or you could kick and glide in the tracks at the local ski trails.  Whichever route you choose we have what you'll need to enjoy the snow!  Our full line of kick wax and expert knowledge of ski fitting will be just what you need to be ready for the snow this winter.


What a great year to wander out in your backyard, Whistle Stop Trail, Titcomb, or just about any other place with a brand new pair of Tubbs! We have several different options for your snowshoe-ing needs and wants. Even Flex Tubbs for runners! Juniors, Women's and Men's options available.

Winter Accessories

We have so much to offer! Ranging from ski pants, winter jackets, ski poles (alpine and nordic), helmets, many different types of wax, scrapers, irons, gloves, hats, and more!  

Our Brands
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