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Josh & Alicia Bell

Josh grew up working on his grandmother's farm, delivering milk to customers, fulfilling all roles in the dairy operations, performing all of the agricultural duties and mechanical maintenance.

In 2007, he started working for Marty and Todd here, at Northern Lights, as a service technician and installer. Over the years, he became propane licensed, pellet certified, created estimates, scheduled jobs, and product purchasing. Eventually, he became the lead service technician and installer- all of which was setting the stage for 2021.

Josh and Alicia were married in 2007, and within 4 years, had three rambunctious boys. In 2011, Alicia started her own business, running a daycare out of their home. Starting out with only a couple children, and then by 2016 was able to grow her business to full capacity. Not only was she able to provide a loving and caring environment for many babies, toddlers and children, but even more importantly, she was able to be home with their own children.

In 2019, Josh and Alicia had the opportunity to purchase Northern Lights from Marty and Todd. Alicia made the difficult decision to close her daycare at the beginning of 2020 and began working part time at Northern Lights. Since then, she has learned advertising, billing, product purchasing, customer service and always learning so much about all of the products that are sold and serviced.  
In January of 2021, Josh and Alicia became the third owners of Northern Lights Maine, Inc. Marty and Todd have continued to work part time, creating the greatest and easiest transition they could ask for, along with all of the previous employees continuing to be employed.

They're forever grateful for this opportunity, and continuing to work in beautiful Franklin County.  

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