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Services We Offer

Bike Service


Bike repair and maintenance is a big part of our spring, summer, and fall.  But, don't think we put everything away for the winter.  Any time of year we are happy to work on your bike.  If you bought it from us we would be honored to service it from assembly and beyond.  If you picked up your bike elsewhere we're just as happy to help keep you on the trails and roads.

Heating Service and Install


Stoves have been a part of Northern Lights from the beginning.  We take pride in servicing your stove.  We understand stoves don't travel well, so if you give us a call we will set up a time to come out and have a look at your problem.  If you are just looking for a little preventative maintenance, we're happy to work with you there too. 

Have you purchased a new heating unit or need a new chimney?  We can install that for you- from start to finish. Come in and talk to one of our technicians today about your next project.

Thule & Yakima Installations


We are proud to offer not only Thule and Yakima racks of many types, but we will also install them on your vehicle for you. We will work with you to find the perfect rack that will fit your needs, price point and vehicle.

*An appointment is recommended for installations.*

Chimney Cleaning


The two words say it all.  We're there to clean your chimney.  It's always a good idea to get on this in advance of the fall foliage.  You'll rest easy at night with those first embers burning down in the fall, knowing you have a clean and safe chimney.

Ski and Snowboard Mounting/Tuning


Regardless of your experience level, your skis will appreciate some routine maintenance throughout the winter.  A well waxed and sharpened pair of Nordic or Alpine skis can make or break your day on the trails.  If you have a new pair of boots or picked up a new pair of bindings to put on your trusty boards, let us help.  We're always happy to talk about the best setup for you.


Skate Sharpening

Fast and friendly skate sharpening done on our Blade Master machine. Sharpening is typically done on the spot, so bring in your hockey or figure skates for some TLC today.
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