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Northern Lights Maine, Inc.

welcomes you to join

Northern Lights Outsiders!!

An Invitation to Get Our Community Outside!

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Being involved in a small community, we feel the importance of being connected. This is where becoming an Outsider comes into play. It will take place one day or evening a week, and each one will be a different adventure, whether it be hiking, biking, kayaking, paddle boarding, skiing, etc. Some are beginner friendly, so anyone can join, and some are more challenging, for those that are more experienced. You will find our calendar of events under this tab, located on the menu.

Perks of joining?

- FREE outdoor adventure -

- Come as many times as you want -

- Receive 5% off your next purchase at Northern Lights Maine for attending -

Follow our Facebook and Instagram Page below! 

All announcements, photos, calendar of adventures, and cancellations/postponements will be found there, as well as under our "Calendar of Events" Page.

We welcome all ages- super family-friendly for most adventures!!

Come join us!

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