Wood Stoves & Fireplaces

Wood Stoves For Home Heating Alternative

Fire has captivated human heart and imagination ever since its discovery. To this day, nothing can compare to the warming, entrancing, romantic appeal of a fire in a stove or fireplace.

Dependable and economical, wood stoves are probably the best alternative source of home heating. First of all, power outages are not an issue when you have a wood stove. Efficient wood stoves and fireplaces provide the best value for your energy for dollar

At Northern Lights, we offer quality products from major brands such as Jotul, Vermont Castings, Regency, HearthStone, and DutchWest.

Jotul Wood Stove

Jotul is recogniezed the world over for outstanding design and peformance. Jotul’s double cast iron stove and inserts begin with world-renowned designers, Red House Design, who meticulously craft each piece in wood. These hand-crafted master patterns are used to form the molds that shape molten iron into Jotul’s classic stoves, fireplaces and inserts. Jotul’s cast iron enameling process-pioneered by Jotul more than 59 years ago-provides a durable medium gloss porcelain enamel finish that will maintain the beauty of your stove for years.. while tastefully highlighting its combination of textured and smooth surfaces. Consequently, Jotul’s foundry is widely considered the best in the world for hearth products. Choose from a complete line of popular styles and sizes that best fits your home, your budget and decore. Gather your family and friends around a Jotul Wood Stove. There’s no warmer feeling on earth.

Regency Wood Stove

Versatile Design The legendary Regency Classic Wood Stove is the product of high technology engineering and classical design. Regency’s versatile modular base design gives you an option to choose between a distinctive pedestal model or one of three elegant leg styles in cast iron, gold plated cast iron or brushed nickel. Each model is available with a black door or a 24 Karat gold plated door that will not tarnish, discolor or require cleaning and polishing like brass. The Regency Classic Wood Stoves series comes in three sizes to head a single room or an entire home. The Firebox is specially designed to maximize heat output and generate as much as 80,000 BTU of tasty warmth. The improved efficiency of up to 77% means any room can be heated quickly. All Regency Classic models wood stoves exceed the DEQ Washington Phase II Clean Air Standard of 4.5grams/hr or less. You can burn your Regency stove anytime, because it has been designed for clean burning.

Vermont Castings Wood Stove

Vermont Castings makes a quality cast iron wood stoves. Most of its wood stoves come in Catalytic and Non-Catalytic models, which gives customer choice to see benefits of both wood stove technology.

Easy Ash Handling: The unique built-in grate and swing-out ash pan on certain models eliminate all the mess involved with removing ashes from your stove. The ash pan comes with a handled lid for easy removal and disposal. All Vermont Castings wood stoves include a mechanism for safe and easy ash removal.

Smokeless Top Loading: Forget about bending over ot wrestle a long through a stove’s fron door. Better yet, forge about ashes and sparks falling out the fron loading door. Just lift and griddles top and let gravity do the work for you. This is the cleanest and safest way to load a stove, and is standard on many of Vermont Castings wood stoves.

Thermostatic Control:On most of Vermont Castings wood stoves, a thermostat automatically adjusts primary combustion air, so the stove delivers a more consistend and comfortable level of heat.

Soapstone Wood Stoves by HearthStone

Each and every HearthStone stove is crafted to the highest standards. Materials are the finest, strongest, and most durable available. Manufacturing practices are unparalleled in the industry. For example, baked enamel finishes are fired to 1,500 degrees to provide Hearthstone’s signature luster and shine, and for the greatest chip and tarnish resistance. All secondary airtubes are constructed of durable stainless steel to resist corrosion and provide a lifetime of service.

All HearthStone wood stoves are non-catalytic making them easier to operate and maintain. Additionally, various exclusive design features make them easy to load and clean… all of which makes HearthStone woodstoves extremely reliable and maintenance free. The air wash system built into every stove prevents the window glass from fogging or discoloring-making the large windows “self-cleaning” to maximize your view of the roaring fire or gently flickering flames.

DutchWest Wood Stove

The Dutchwest Federal Convection Heaters are the cleanest-burning stoves on the market. Not only do they offer the economic benefits of efficient, clean-burning wood heat, DutchWest wood stovescome in three sizes to fit nearly any installation. The Dutchwest Wood Stove series offers traditional design, efficient heat output at a solid value, plus numerous convenience features.