Pellet Stoves

Heat for less

With projections in the prices of heating oil and gas continuing to rise and fuel supplies uncertain, pellet heat provides a reliable alternative. Pellet fuel is readily available and the price has remained stable for the past ten years. Currently, pellets average between $230 to $280 per ton.

Homeowners are reporting great savings by burning pellets for supplemental, and in some cases, whole house heating and are recouping their initial investment in the stove within a few heating season.

Pellets are less expensive than firewood in most areas of the country and many times more convenient.

Cleanest Alternative

Pellet stove are much cleaner burning than even the best wood stoves on the market. Very little smoke is produced and this greatly reduces soot deposits in the flue system that can lead to dangerous chimney fires. Pellet fuel produces very little ash so cleaning is much less frequent. Finally, pellet fuel comes in sealed plastic bags and is sterilized during the extrusion process. This means that mold and fungus, which are commonly found on wood logs and can cause allergic reactions, are absent.

Homeowners who replace their wood burning stoves with pellet stoves are amazed at how easy it is to control temperature and how convenient and trouble free pellet stoves are to operate.

Convenient & easy to use

Pellet stoves can be installed on almost any outside wall using a vent kit similar to a dryer vent or be installed into an existing chimney. And because the heat output can be precisely controlled, pellet stoves will work equally well in rooms or to heat large areas of the home. They produce a steady, even heat output, and require refueling only or twice per day.

The Zone Heating Advantage

Pellet stoves are called “zone” heaters because they warm the area within the room and around the stove rather than the perimeter wall, as most central heating systems do. This is very energy efficient and comfortable way to heat because there are warm and cozy living areas and cooler outlying bedrooms for sleeping. Each Harman Pellet stove is equipped with a convention fan that draws in cool air at the base of the stove, where it is heated before entering room. This warm air assists in creating natural convection loops that enable a single stove to heat a large area. In addition, radiant heat from the stove warms you like the sun on a cold winter day. By using a stove for zone heating in place of your central heating, you may save up to 25% of your annual heating cost according to some industry experts.

Harman Pellet Stoves

Harman Pellet Stoves are efficient, environmentally friendly, and the leading pellet stove manufacture in US. Loaded with state-of-the-art features, this beautiful stoves will provide years of trouble free heating comfort.